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Dorint Maison Messmer Baden-Baden
Dorint Maison Messmer Baden-Baden
Dorint Maison Messmer Baden-Baden


Wellness terrace

A true gem of a place, with teak loungers, bamboo shrubs, lavender aromas, and wind chimes.

Ice fountain

This beautiful fountain pours forth not water, but freshly crushed ice. A refreshing cool-down after each session in the sauna, or just for fun in between!

Classic sauna

The classic sauna, also known as the Finnish or dry sauna, is 85 °C hot. Nowadays, taking a sauna is much more than just sweating: It is a healthy experience. By means of various herbal infusions and soothing music, all the senses are stimulated and a long-lasting sense of relaxation is achieved.


The Laconium, a form of high temperature perspiration bath, is a Roman tradition. The ancient Patricians appreciated the excellent detoxifying properties of a perspiration bath, based upon pure radiant heat. With a heat of about 45 °C radiating from the walls, the body begins to perspire intensely after about 20 to 30 minutes. Because the body temperature increases gradually, the detoxification process is very harmonious. The use of pleasant aromas stimulates the psyche.

Quiet zone

Rest and relaxation are yours in our quiet zone, with soothing music in the sauna area on the gallery above the pool.

Infrared cabin