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Dorint Maison Messmer Baden-Baden
Dorint Maison Messmer Baden-Baden
Dorint Maison Messmer Baden-Baden


Full body massage

This massage form has been in use throughout the ages. The classic massage treats muscle tension as its primary focus. However, massage can also be used to treat headaches and the symptoms of exhaustion.

Foot massage

Mentol oil with camphor/ivy gel
Soothing relaxation for feet and legs with St. Barth products. Excellent for blood circulation and relaxation of the muscles. After the treatment, this massage has a calming, relaxing and relaxing effect on the individual muscle areas. In combination with the ivy gel, it intensifies its effect. The skin mantle is firmed and tightened (approx. 25 minutes).

Please note that the manicure and pedicure are an external service. The designated organizer is responsible for the organization and performance of all services is the designated organizer.
Organizer: Pure Beauty | Verena Seyfarth | Forstgartenweg 7 | 76593 Gernsbach Organizer: Beauty & Wellness | Langestraße 109 | 76530 Baden-Baden